We Bring to Market the Latest High-Quality, In-Demand Consumer Electronics.

Market research. Supply-chain logistics. Back- and front-end sales support. By combining expertise in these fields, we identify viable products and intellectual properties to manufacture, import and distribute in the United States.

Data-Driven. Customer-Focused. Forward-Thinking.

Marketplace Partnerships

Retail. Wholesale. E-Commerce. Television. Some of the largest, most well-known marketplaces in the industry have put their trust in our expertise. From local brick-and-mortar shops to online stores. ProCom consistently evaluates the market and maximize reach, pinpoint growth opportunities and deliver results.

Brand Partners

Brands around the world benefit from our fully integrated agile team for sales and marketing on the front end. Why? Because we deliver a comprehensive suite of services — from concept to execution —that ensures maximum market penetration, sales and brand growth in North American markets.

What We Do


With three distribution centers around the U.S., we’re not only able to deliver the right products at the right price. We also offer other critical services at scale to help accelerate business.


We build lasting partnerships with an ever-widening network of sales channels, though a customer-centric ideology. We have the fluidity to consistently explore new growth opportunities.

Marketing & PR

ProCom has established and fostered healthy relationships with a large network of national media, industry publications and social influencers. This helps us deliver successful strategies with punch.


Tradeshows are a great networking opportunity. That’s why we take great steps to develop, design and manage trade exhibitions, from product demos to full-service sales displays. 

We’re the Product People.