ProCom is a full-service distributor specializing in consumer electronics and packaged goods. By combining expertise in market research and product supply-chain backend, we identify viable products and intellectual properties to manufacture, import and distribute.


ProCom then utilizes a fully integrated agile team for sales and marketing on the front end to deliver a comprehensive suite of services from concept to execution, ensuring maximum market penetration, sales and brand growth in North American markets.


Procom. We are the product people.




A Senior Vice President who works closely with the CEO on developing new strategies and creating business plans for all brands. With his exceptional leadership experience of over 18 years he’s able to produce lasting partnerships and productive relationships.

Michael Johnson

A Co-Owner of Procom Wholesale who works closely with front end sales teams, customer support and marketing experts to find the right mix in maximizing revenue and building brand equity.

Jerry Lin

Jane Won is a Director of Sales Operations who works with the CEO, SVP and sales team on developing new customer relationships and maintaining major accounts. With over 10 years of experience, she is an accomplished leader with exceptional operational and organizational skills.

Jane Won


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